Introducing Life Time – Uncapped Leave For Everyone At Outpost

Introducing Life Time – Uncapped Leave For Everyone At Outpost

We’ve done away with the holiday cap to give control back to our team


7 February 2019

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We are pleased to announce that we are introducing an uncapped holiday policy at Outpost.

This is an effort to put more trust in our wonderful team, and offer everyone more flexibility and ownership over the way that they work with one another.

Outpost Founder and CEO, Duncan McWilliam, says: “At Outpost, we endeavour to make the working life of all of our artists better. By opting to remove the restrictions of a capped holiday policy, we are relieving pressure and giving our artists more control in their work/life balance, so that they feel that they can take time off if they need to.”

Ultimately, Outpost works on trust. This initiative is about giving our team more control over the way they work and their approach to taking time off when they need to, whether for a trip abroad, a long weekend somewhere or an emergency. In the long term, we hope that it'll make for happier teams that are better rested, more productive and more creative.

Other companies that have already implemented an unlimited holiday policy, include Virgin, Netflix and LinkedIn.

In addition, Outpost already offers flexible working hours and compensation to its artists for antisocial working hours.

This is just the first of a string of other announcements we are planning to make in the first half of the year. Keep an eye on our website and our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to be in the first to know!